The Lomond Folk Festival Over the Years
2002 -2013


The Lomond Folk Festival was held annually during the month of July at Balloch on the shores of Loch Lomond. Spread over three days in late July in the village of Balloch, situated at the southern edge of Loch Lomond, the Lomond Folk Festival was considered by many as the Scotland's friendliest family festival! It took a hiatus for four years 2017 was its 14th year.
Content is from the site's 2002 -2013 archived pages.

History of Lomond Folk Festival

Myself (Peter Parlane) and Andy Gaffney had a discussion around 12 years ago and decided, why not organise a Folk Festival.  We had been going to Folk Festivals for a number of years, Stonehaven, Killin, Girvan amongst others, and thought why not Balloch!  We could do that!!

The active Lomond Folk Club was a good source of volunteers, though there were reservations, where would the funds come from, would we be taking money from the Folk Club?  The first Festival meeting was held in 1998 and the first thing the committee decided on was to do a business case / feasability study looking into the why's and wherefore's of running a Folk Festival. We got advice from a number of sources including the TMSA and from Alec Stewart of Killin Folk Festival. The sort of things we looked at were: where could we have concerts, celidh, was there enough local pubs, hotels interested in taking part, how much would it all cost. How would we raise the funds necessary to run it. That first committee were: Andy Gaffney, Aileen Dorrian, Peter Parlane, Bruce Millar, Campbell Arendt, Stewart Davidson, Katrina Duncan, Chris Davidson and Alan McLachlan.

Over the next 2 years we got funds and assistance from a number of sources including  Allied Distillers, The Lottery Fund, West Dunbartonshire Council and large amounts of fundraising of our own. We raised money by doing gigs in Hotels, Pubs etc.  We also did Teddy Bear Tombolas in December in Dumbarton Town Centre, enough to make anyone Grizzly.

The first Festival was held in August 2000. Was anybody going to come? Would we lose A fortune?

We had The Clachies, The Marysia Lesnau Band, Ptarmigan, Old Blind Dogs and The McCalmans.

We also had Beggars Row, MacAlias, Frank Robb, George McDonald on the Folk Cruise, Dumbarton & District Novice Band, and for the weans, Crooked Jack's Giant Jeely Piece Show and last but not least The Accoustic Vibration Appreciation Society who were waylaid on the way to the Edinburgh Festival.  We paused and took a breath – Frank Robb (the Compare for the weekend), took me aside and said 'Peter, this line up of artists will never work'.  It did!!  

Anybody who was there will never forget the Session outside the Balloch Hotel until 2 or 3 in the morning. Wow what a weekend.

None of the above could have happened without the 40 or so volunteers who helped us over that weekend,  which was to be the first of many Lomond Folk Festivals.

Peter Parlane (Vice Chairman)


"This is my second visit to the Lomond Folk Festival. Love the setting, the music, the people, the food and usually the weather cooperates. My fav group was the Flying Mammals, a vocal group who always wear capes and Batman t shirts on stage. They specialize in Irish folk songs, which always make me cry with their gorgeous, haunting harmonies. I spoke with Ian, the leader after their set and learned a lot about other Irish groups that I now follow. I also got their Batman shirt source - They have the best and deepest selection of both vintage and modern shirts, as well as all the characters he associates with. Since my family - brothers and nephews - are all super charged Batman fans, this was quite an amazing discovery. The Dark Knight plays a large role in our superhero admiration - we have all the Batman movies and many of articles of Batman clothing, but it's always a plus to learn a new source for something dear to you. So the takeaway is a cool folk group that I'll listen to forever, and a fantastic source for the best Batman T you can buy, all in one place - where the surroundings are conducive to a wonderful listening experience with like minded folk fans." Donald Estes


Where are we?

The festival site is situated at Moss O' Balloch Park in the centre of Balloch.  Balloch is 20 miles north of Glasgow, on the southern shore of Loch Lomond

From Glasgow, travel North on the A82 to the Stoneymollan Roundabout and turn right. At the next roundabout turn left and then right at the 'Lomond Shores' entrance roundabout.

Balloch has been chosen as the gateway for the new Loch Lomond National Park, Scotlands first.  The Loch Lomond Shores complex contains the Drumkinnon Tower, the Loch Lomond Portal and Visitors Centre and  branches of Jenners of Edinburgh and Hawkshead.

Balloch has a number of excellent Bed and Breakfast establishments.  Details are available from the local Tourist Information Service.

Local Folk Clubs

Lomond Folk Club
Every Wednesday from 8:30 pm in the Highlander Bar, Main Street, Alexandria.  Musicians and Singers welcome.  Also the last Friday of each month in the Waterfront Diner, Balloch, starting at 9:00pm.

Houston Folk Club
Every Thursday from 8:00 pm in the Carrick Centre, Main Street, Houston.
Contact Bob Beattie, 01505 323 290

Open Music Sessions
Sessions are held on the last Friday of each month in Balloch as a Festival fund raiser.  The venue may vary, but currently these sessions are held in the Waders Bar attached to the Tullie Inn, Balloch Road, Balloch.  All singers and musicians are welcome.


2006 Lomond Folk Festival

The Lomond Folk Festival is held annually during the month of July
at Balloch on the shores of Loch Lomond

2006 Festival Dates - Friday July 28th to Sunday July 30th

28th to 30th July 2006

Balloch - Loch Lomond

Time Table of Events

Advanced camp/caravan & ticket orders can be made via on-line booking form

Friday 28th  
2.00 pm
3.00 pm 
5.00 pm
8.00 pm

Festival Office Opens
Campsite opens (see booking form on web site) 
 Clann an Drumma - open air performance - free
Opening Ceilidh, with 'Skelpit Lug'   - £7.00 

Village Square
Moss o' Balloch
Moss o' Balloch
Festival Marquee

11.00 am 
11.00 am-1pm 
11.30 am
12.00 noon 
1.30 pm
2.00 -4.00pm
3.00 pm
3.00 pm 
7.30 pm 

Craft Fair & Tea Room,
Street Entertainers/ Musicians  - free
Children's Rides etc (all day) - various prices
Open stage starts, (8 acts all day) -  free
Kids Ceilidh  - kids £1.00, adults - £2.00
Street Entertainers/ Musicians - free
'The Clachies' insession - free
Chorus Cup Competition - free
Concert -Blazin' Fiddles and Haggerdash  - £12.50

St Kessogs Hall
Throughout Balloch
Moss o' Balloch
Village Square
Festival Marquee
Throughout Balloch
Lomond Park Hotel
Festival Marquee
Sunday 30th
11.00 am-1pm
11.30 am
12.00 noon 
1.30 pm
2.00 -4.00pm
2.00 pm
3.00 pm 

Street Entertainers/ Musicians - free
Children's Rides etc (all day) - various prices
Open stage starts, (8 acts all day) - free
Kids Ceilidh - kids £1.00, adults - £2.00
Street Entertainers/ Musicians - free
 Traditional Singing Competition - free
'The Clachies' in session
 Young Lomond Folk Competition - free
Clann an Drumma - open air performance - free
Hooley -'Bunch o' Bananas' and Clan an Drumma - £8.00

Throughout Balloch
Moss o' Balloch
Village Square
Festival Marquee
Throughout Balloch
St Kessogs Hall
Lomond Park Hotel
St Kessogs Hall
Lomond Park Hotel
Festival Marquee
Tickets available from the festival office Moss O’ Balloch   
Workshops  both Saturday & Sunday.-  All free (No booking necessary)  
11.00 - 12.00 am
12.00 - 1.00 pm
1.00 – 2.00 pm
2.00 - 3.00 pm
2.00 - 3.00 pm
3.00 - 4.00 pm
3.00 - 4.00 pm
Appalachian Step Dancing (Saturday only)
Fiddle, (beginners)  
Fiddle (Intermediate)
Festival Marquee
St Kessogs Hall
St Kessogs Hall
St Kessogs Hall
Venue TBA
St Kessogs Hall
Venue TBA
Fri 29th pm thru Sun 31st
12 noon, onwards

        Open Sessions - all free

Selected bars and restaurants
(Look for notices in windows)



The following items of Festival Memorabilia will be on sale at the Festival and at various fund raising events throughout the year.

T_shirts.jpg (57942 bytes) T Shirts (Med, Large & Extra Large) £10.00
Baseball Caps with Festival Logo £7.00
Coffee Mugs with Festival Logo £3.00 or
2 for £5.00
Festival Stickers (as shown above) £0.50p or
3 for £1.00



2008 Lomond Folk Festival

The Lomond Folk Festival is held annually during the month of July
at Balloch on the shores of Loch Lomond

2008 Festival Dates - Friday July 25th to Sunday July 27th


Lomond Folk Festival 2008 - Dance Called America
Donnie Munro & Band get show started with a Runrig classic.



2010 the 11th Lomond Folk Festival

The Lomond Folk Festival is held annually during the month of July
at Balloch on the shores of Loch Lomond

11th Lomond Folk Festival
30th July - 1st August 2010

Fri 30th July - Ceilidh - Annasach and Helensburgh Pipe Band

Sat 31st July - The Electrics supported by Jim Byrne

Sun 1st Aug - Skerryvore supported by the John Langan Band

Also Featuring:

Tillerman's cat,  Oreste,  String driven Thing,  Tattie Jam,

 Wing & A Prayer,  
 Vivien Scotson & Patrick Bullen


About the Artistes

Annasach Ceilidh Band formed in summer 1990 at the Royal High School, Edinburgh. The French Department asked pupils who had an interest in Scottish music if a band could be formed to play for a French exchange leaving party at a local hotel.

Five pupils came forward to form a band with the instrumentation Highland Bagpipes, Fiddle, Flute, Double Bass and Keyboard. At the ceilidh the band called themselves the Unconventional's due to this unusual mix of instruments. In 1991The band changed their name to Annasach (Gaelic for unusual, unconventional)

The Electrics formed in August 1988 for the specific purpose of playing a one off show at a music festival in Glasgow known as IMPACT. Popularity for the band was such that more shows were requested and played .. and more shows.. and more until, 22 years on, the story continues.

Since all members had a common appreciation for both folk and rock musical styles, the band sound took shape and thus was born ....   
Celtic Folk/Rock !

Jim Byrne is a singer and songwriter from Glasgow influenced by americana, folk, country and blues music (with pop and punk thrown in for good measure).

He began his musical career in Dexter Slim and the Pickups -  a popular live group in Glasgow during the 1980s. They were a punk country band; perhaps the only punk country band to come out of Glasgow (or anywhere else).

Skerryvore formed in 2004 on the Isle of Tiree in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides. From traditional roots the band have developed both in size and sound to create a unique fusion of their traditional music and songs with the urban sounds of rock and funk. With their outstanding musicianship and the mesmerising voice of singer Alec Dalglish, Skerryvore have gripped audiences across the world from Chicago to Beijing and have been the highlight of many big festivals, home and abroad.

Irvine singer-songwriter John Langan has played all over the world, including an appearance at the Glastonbury Festival.

He won a Celtic Connections Danny Award in 2008 and supported 'Show of Hands' at last years Celtic Connections.  He is back by popular demand, after supporting Capercaillie at last years festival.  John is also a familiar figure often seen busking in Glasgow perched on his cajon drum.


Artistes appearing on the Accoustic Stage

Tillerman's Cat, Oreste, String Driven Thing

Tillerman's Cat: Kenny Legendre and Kurt Sawalies met rather coincidentally in MySpace, but quickly discovered their almost identical musical interests. It was only natural that after a couple of practice sessions they founded the duo 'Tillerman's Cat'.

Kurt has been juggling the lead role in various rock and folk projects, as well as his solo program as 'NurKurt' Germany-wide and international for several years.  Kenny came from the US to southwest Germany almost exactly 30 years ago, where love caused him to grow roots.  He made a name for himself regionally as a singer and guitarist in various cover bands,

String Driven Thing: Saturday July 31st sees a rare appearance by two generations of Adamses, when Rob and Chris join forces for an afternoon set in the acoustic tent at the Lomond Folk Festival.

After winning the prestigious Billy Kelly Songwriter’s Award, Rob’s first album ‘Down to Reverie’ was released to rave reviews And has been featured heavily on BBC’s Iain Anderson show. Rob is a rare talent, with a voice that Chris attributes to Pauline In the genetic stakes. Listed among his main influences are the Holy Trinity of Lennon, Dylan and Young, but he readily Acknowledges the debt he owes to musical parents who brought Him up in a house full of guitars, amps and studio gear.

Tattie Jam, Wing and a Prayer, Vivien Scotson & Patrick Bullen

Tattie Jam: Richly textured with crunchy harmony and unusual flavours, this is not M&S jam, it's home-made in Scotland by the unique pairing of cello, frets, and and the voices of Seylan Baxter and Ruaridh Pringle. A sense of humour underpins much of Pringle's writing - blackly in his new ballad The Doctor's Dochter, and whimsically in Different - but the pair can bring New colour to old gems such as The Birken Tree. Toe-tapping jigs are reeled out on banjo, mandolin, guitar and bass fiddle, and though cheekily Scottish, it doesn't care what the neighbours think.

Wing and a Prayer: Wing and a Prayer play warm, vital music that is alive and new but with a feeling for the notes and the words that comes only from deep experience. They have an integrity to their music, and through it a freshness, that so many other of today's manufactured artists lack.  Because of that truthfulness to their own musical ability and to each song, their music can be played anywhere, anytime and stay exactly as it is. Young or older, male or female, you can take something from Wing and a Prayer that will stay with you for a long time, maybe forever.

Wings and a Prayer-Lomond Folk Festival 2010

Vivien Scotson and Patrick Bullen : Vivien Scotson and Patrick Bullen are one of Scotland's top emerging acts. They are well known on the Scottish folk scene, selling out every one of their Glasgow gigs. Vivien Scotson has toured the UK with Charlie Pride and Donnie Munro. Patrick Bullen has supported The Levellers, accompanied Scotland's great Eddie Reader and has had well known names wanting to cover his songs from across the UK.




2011 The Lomond Folk Festival

The Lomond Folk Festival is held annually during the month of July
at Balloch on the shores of Loch Lomond

13th Lomond Folk Festival
Fri July 29th to Sun July 31st.


3 Fun packed days of:

Concerts . Music Sessions . Workshops
 Craft Fair . Coffee Shop,
Kids Ceilidh . Street Entertainment
Weekend Camping

Here is a chance for you to preview some of the acts booked to perform at this years festival:


Alan Reid and Rob Van Sante

Alan has been an ever present member of Battlefield Band since a few months after it's inception in 1969.
The 'Batties' have been pre-eminent in Scottish traditional music for over 30 years, have toured all over the world and made almost 30 recordings.

Rob is a guitarist of exceptional skill and subtlety. He was born in the Netherlands and begun playing guitar at an early age.  As his interest in music developed, he became influenced by the best of Folk, Rock, R&B and Blues.   During the 1970's,
80's and 90's he toured extensively throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.



Schiehallion are a Scottish Ceilidh/Folk band who are based in Inverness.  Kenny Jamieson's distinctive vocals attract a large audience and there are many loyal followers of the band.

The band consists of Kenny on guitar, bodhran and vocals, Stuart on accordian and Dennis on bagpipes. For larger gigs, such as the St Andrew's Night celebrations and the Inverness Highland Games, the band calls in a drummer to augment their sound.



Yuptae were awarded the prestigious Danny Kyle Open Stage award at this year’s Celtic Connections. The members are aged from 17 to 22, and are based in the Southside of Glasgow.

Yuptae members are sisters Roisin (piano, 21), Patricia (flute, 20) and Siobhan McArdle (fiddle, 17), engaged couple Liam Campbell (guitar, 22) and Colette Hunter (banjo, 21) her brother Daniel (fiddle, 17), their cousin Matthew Turner (drums, 19) and neighbour Roisin Anne Hughes (accordion, 21). The band were formed in 2008, after years playing together with the St. Roch’s ceili band and Irish Minstrels, their local branch of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann.

Lyra Celtica

Lyra Celtica, with existing members Mark Canning & Frank McGuire have now been joined by Jim Divers and Sean O’Rourke, 2 original and founding members of the JSD Band.

The music of the JSD Band fused traditional Irish, Scottish, American and English folk songs with modern rock rhythms and instruments — an important innovation in the development of the celtic music scene and very influential at the time.

Lyra Celtica have been performing traditional music and song for nearly 10 years.  Winners of the Anne O’Brien Tribute Stage Award in 2005, remaining members Mark Canning and Frank McGuire continue to add their unique blend of rythym to the band’s sound


Diamh are Colm O' Rua (banjo, mandola) Gabe MacVarish (fiddle) Ross Martin (guitar) Angus MacKenzie (Highland pipes, Border pipes) and James Bremner (bodhran)
  Keeping the emphasis firmly on the Gaelic culture, Dàimh play a very high energy, fast flowing mixture of tunes and songs from the traditions of their countries represented. Each band member brings their own individual style to the music, creating a band with their own unique sound and at the same time highlighting the relationships between the different countries. Several members of the band are already well acclaimed within the Scottish music scene as session musicians and tutors much in demand all over Scotland

Other acts appearing include:
Jock Urquhart, Adam Sutherland, John Somerville, Ian Copeland
Hell for Leather
,Oreste,  The O'Cajunals,
Helensburgh and District Pipe Band



2012 The Lomond Folk Festival

Lomond Folk Festival 2012



2013 The Lomond Folk Festival

The Lomond Folk Festival is held annually during the month of July
at Balloch on the shores of Loch Lomond

14th Lomond Folk Festival
26th July - 28th July 2013


While there are loads of free events, music, workshops and performances to see and do during the Festival our headline evening concerts are ticketed.

Tickets are available through our ticketing partner Ticket Soup, based in the SECC in Glasgow, ensuring safe and secure payment online and over the phone. You can purchase the tickets in person from the Ticket Soup desk inside the SECC, over the phone on 0844 395 4000 or online using the links below or visiting Tickets can also be purchased locally from Loch Lomond Gift House, Balloch Road, Balloch & Discography Records, Bell Centre, Dumbarton (both also have a range of festival merchandise). Tickets will also be available on site at the festival its self but we advise people to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Evening Concerts

Returning to the Moss o’ Balloch in 2013 we have another great line up of Evening Concerts to keep you entertained for the whole weekend.

Weekend Ticket – £40 – discounted ticket to see all three Evening Concerts.
Friday 27th July – 7:30pm – £15 - Details TBA
Saturday 28th July – 7:30pm – £15 – Wolfstone w/ Dreven McGuire Young & The Daddy Naggins
Sunday 29th July – 7:30pm – £15 – Shooglenifty w/ The JSD Band & The Raggle Taggle Gypsies

Lomond Folk Festival Needs You

We are looking for passionate, energetic and committed helpers to join the festival volunteers in our efforts to provide a safe, secure, clean and enjoyable weekend. The work of volunteers is incredibly important for the festival. You will be part of a team of people who work tirelessly over the weekend to ensure that all visitors have the best experience possible. Details and application forms are available on the VOLUNTEER page or call 07986428379

We aim to provide a variety of activities on site and are looking for people to help us expand our operations by providing crafts, stalls and activities for the thousands of visitors expected over the weekend event. Applications/enquiries via our website or call the number above.

Artist Directory

The Daddy Naggins – Sat, Evening Concert  – video
Drever McGuire and Young - Sat, Evening Concert
JSD Band - Sun, Evening Concert
Raggle Taggle Gypsies – Sun, Evening Concert
Shooglenifty - Sun, Evening Concert - video
Wolfstone – Sat, Evening Concert  – video


Pre-booking of camping is available now.

The Lomond Folk Festival kicks off on Friday 26th July at 4:00pm however access to the camp site is available from 2:00pm on Friday the 26th July (subject to a full site inspection). You can book your pitch on line via the form below or alternatively you can call 07986 428 379 Monday – Friday 6pm – 8pm. Please be advised that there are only 30 hard standing pitches available for campervans, mobile homes or caravans. The Lomond Festival will need to adhere to this restriction and therefore advise everyone to book as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee a space if you have not booked.


* £10 per person per night or £25 for the weekend
* £5 for 7 to 16 year olds per night or £12.50 for 3 full nights
* Under 7 years old Free
* Dogs Free – dogs must be kept under control at all times and must be picked up after.

This year in partnership with the Balloch Co-operative Supermarket all campervans, motorhomes, caravans, cars and walk in campers will be booked in at the Co-op Car Park between 12:00pm and 6:00pm. You will be greeted by a Lomond Folk Festival steward who will then direct you to a holding area in the Co-op car park before booking in. If you arrive before 2pm this will give you an opportunity to stock up on you groceries from the Co-op supermarket. Please note that even if you are travelling by public transport, you are still required to book in at the Co-op car park. operate a first come first served policy.

You will be greeted by a Lomond Folk Festival steward at the rear area of the Co-op car park who will then direct you to a holding area in the Co-op car park before booking in. If you arrive before 2pm this will give you an opportunity to stock up on you groceries’ from the Co-op supermarket. Please note that even if you are travelling by public transport, you are still required to book in at the Co-op car park.

At 2pm and after you have booked in you will be allocated a ticket confirming your booking, which should be displayed on your vehicle or kept accessible if you are walking. You will then be directed to the campsite located at Moss O Balloch.

Once there your confirmation booking ticket will be checked and you will be directed to the campsite by one of the stewards. The camping

areas will be clearly sign posted and stewards will be on hand to direct you. Although there will be ample space, if you are in a big group and want to camp together we strongly suggest you arrive as close to 2pm as possible to claim a spot.


* Camp in designated camping areas
* Keep litter to a minimum
* Make use of bins and recycling facilities
* Be aware of others around your camping area
* Keep the noise levels as low as possible during the night hours
* Do not bring any glass bottles or containers onto site
* Do not bring fireworks or any other dangerous items onto site
* Do not bring any speaker systems onto site
* Dog owners must ensure that their dogs are kept under control at all times
* West Dunbartonshire Council Community Safety and Antisocial Behavior Services operate a fixed penalty dog fouling fine which will be enforced


The Lomond Folk Festival takes place in the village of Balloch, West Dunbartonshire.; situated at the southern edge of Loch Lomond, 20 miles North-West of Glasgow.

by Car: From Glasgow/South: Take the M8 Westbound to the Erskine Bridge (junc 30) take the left exit off the bridge & follow the A82 West to Balloch. From Stirling/North East: Take the A811 west, the whole legnth of the road runs from Stirling to Balloch. From the North West: join the A82 Southbound at the earliest possible place & continue South to Balloch.

by Train: there are half hourly services to Balloch from Glasgow via Singer run by First Scotrail; on Fri/Sat the trains are 23 & 53 past the hour from Glasgow Queen Street (low level). On Sunday the service runs from Glasgow Central via Clydebank at 14 & 44 past the hour. The last trains leaving Balloch for Glasgow are Friday: 2323, Saturday: 2253, Sunday: 2209. First Scotrail Timetables

by Bus: First Glasgow run two services that terminate at Balloch, the 1 (Balloch) & 1A, both departing from Jamacia Street near Central Station (outside the McDonalds) the number of servicies vary throughout the day at a minimum of one an hour (of each service) the last buses leaving Balloch for Glasgow are Friday & Saturday: 2143(205) First Bus Glasgow Timetables

McGills Buses run a new service between Balloch & Glasgow, the 204X following the same route as above


Young Folk Talent Competition

A video clip of the Young Folk Talent Competition in the main marquee on the Moss 0’ Balloch on the opening night of this year’s festival. The winners were The Johnstone Academy of Dance and the competition was judged by Dublin band The Young Folk. The clip shows the announcement, a short interview and the [...]

Looking forward to next year!

The Lomond Folk Festival committee are looking towards next year’s event and planning starts right away. We have had our first meeting to discuss the way forward and will set up a survey for feedback very soon, hopefully you can contribute in some way to the 2014 festival. The festival could not happen without the [...]

Exclusive interview with Dublin band “The Young Folk”

Short interview with emerging Dublin band “The Young Folk” after they judged the talent competition and played a fantastic set in the main marquee on Friday night. This was part of their whirlwind weekend playing the Lomond Folk Festival on Friday the 26th, back to Ireland on Saturday the 27th for another festival then back [...]



There is a still a bit of work going on but we want to say a quick thanks for now… THANKS to everyone who came along and had a great time with us and especially those who told us us. The feedback so far has been amazing. THANKS to all the volunteers who helped make [...]

This weekend!


This weekend!

The Lomond Folk Festival has a packed programme for families and children in the main marquee on the Moss o’ Balloch. From 10 am, 16 year old Fraser McKinnon will be playing the pipes to welcome the daytime festival goers at the entrance to the site in the village square. For the rest of the [...]

Still sunny in Balloch!


Still sunny in Balloch!

Remember as well as our 3 great evening concerts, we have our free open stage during the day on Saturday and Sunday with a well stocked bar to quench your thirst while you listen some fantastic music from the likes of; Telegraph Road, The Fate of Gallerani, Jackets for Goalposts and Have Mercy Las Vegas. [...]

It's all about the Young Folk!


It’s all about the Young Folk!

The Young Folk performing and being interviewed on Balcony TV in Dublin. Lomond Folk Festival – Friday (opening night) 26th July. This is one of our Friday evening acts who are coming all the way from Dublin to judge our ‘Young Folk Talent Search’, a Scottish themed talent competition featuring young people from various performing [...]

A great big thank you!


A great big thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and supporters that have helped make the 2013 Lomond Folk Festival happen! —————————————————————— See you soon! Facebook Page:

Tickets still available!


Tickets still available!

Tickets are still available for the evening concerts, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the main marquee on the Moss o’ Balloch. You can buy online from Ticket Soup but our Balloch and Dumbarton ticket outlets have been re-stocked so buy locally from: Balloch: Loch Lomond Gift House, 56 Balloch Road, near the bus stance, is [...]

Volunteers Update!


Volunteers Update!

A big thanks to all who have volunteered to help out at this year’s festival. We have had a great response with people coming from all over to help make sure the event runs smoothly. There will be a meeting on Thursday 18th July at 7pm in Dempsey’s, Alexandria where you can meet the rest [...]